Mumbai: The fame that Oghagha brings to him after becoming a celebrity, attracts everyone’s attention. Often questions on propaganda are also presented. Now how many and what are these questions? So who became so famous in such a short time and at such a young age? How much is the wealth of Bapare…etc.

The fame of such a world famous person caught everyone’s attention. Because, neither big movies nor much work in the art world; But how is it so famous? This question was making a home in everyone’s mind.

This celebrity is Kim Kardashian. Did Kim come out and become the owner of billions of dollars? It’s all pure unbelievable. (Kim Kardashian)


Both the Kardashian and Jenner family are in the news due to the controversy surrounding them. Something similar happened with Kim, which will surprise you. (Kim Kardashian mother)

In 2007, a sex tape of Kim went viral. There was a lot of discussion about this video at that time. In fact, even now this discussion continues from time to time. It was the same sex tape that created the buzz about Kim’s name. (kim kardashian sex tape)


How did this sex tape come out, the same question was asked. But there is a bigger issue than this. Kim’s mother Kris Jenner made her daughter’s sex tape viral.

It is said that Chris brought this tape of Kim in front of the people due to publicity. Ian Halperin’s Kardashian Dynasty mentions it. Where it was told that Kim has signed an agreement with Vivid Entertainment.

This deal is about leaking the sex tape made with her then boyfriend Ray J. Halperin reveals the secret while talking to an (anonymous) Isma. “If someone close to both Kim and Paris Hilton wants to be famous, a sex tape can be a great option,” she said.

After consultation, Kim discussed the matter with her family. Not only this, Kim’s mother had brought the sex tape in front of the world after seeing all the transactions related to it.

Kim and Ray’s 39-minute sex tape was bought for 18 million at the time. Their relationship was revealed to the world in a hotel room.

Kim rose to prominence overnight and was considered one of the most popular celebrities in the world. However, when the source of his fame came to light, many were shocked.