Shahrukh Khan Mannat Name Plate: Mysore Mumbai is the city of dreams and a man who came here 3 decades ago dreamed of ruling the city and building a luxurious house. This man was none other than the Badshah Khan of Bollywood. And in just 10 years, he made that dream come true. Mannat Shahrukh Khan’s house is the most expensive and luxurious house in Mumbai and this house is in a lot of discussion at the moment.

designer name plate
Mannat’s net plate has been changed recently and a photo of this new name plate has spread on social media. This name plate has been redesigned in a very stylish and classy manner. On the other hand, after this new name plate, there is a lot of discussion about its price. Do you know the price of Shahrukh Khan’s house name plate (Shahrukh Khan Mannat New Name Plate)?


Design by Gauri Khan
According to media reports, the name plate was designed by Shah Rukh’s wife Gauri Khan. Gauri Khan is a well-known interior designer and while designing this name plate, she has kept in mind the every choice of her husband Shahrukh. According to reports, Gauri Khan has been thinking of changing the name plate for a long time and now she has finally done so.


So let’s talk about the price , According to media reports, the new name plate of Mannat has been ready for 20 lakh to 25 lakh rupees. The nameplate is designed to reflect the personality of the Khan family. On the other hand, a middle class person can buy a 1 or 2 BHK apartment for a price equal to this name plate, then a luxury car can also come. That’s why Shahrukh Khan and Mannat are in discussion.