Mannat Name Plate Price: King Khan of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan He is in discussion about his film project. But now Shahrukh Khan is once again in discussion for a new reason. Shahrukh Khan recently appeared in ‘Mannat’. House There are also discussions about the changes made in. A few days ago, the name plate named ‘Mannat’ was changed outside King Khan’s house. This new name plate of Shahrukh’s house is being discussed everywhere. Now everyone is surprised to know the information that has come out about its price.

According to media reports, the name plate that Shahrukh Khan has installed outside his bungalow is worth lakhs. According to reports, the price of the name plate of King Khan’s bungalow is between Rs 20 lakh and Rs 25 lakh. Complete Design of Mannat Name Plate Gauri Khan Designed under the supervision of .



The name plate of Mannat in Shahrukh Khan’s house has not changed for the first time. The name plate has been changed several times in the past as well. A total of 4 name plates of Mannat’s photo are going viral on social media. Now fans are sharing pictures with Mannat’s new nameplate.

shahrukh khan announces new film

Shahrukh Khan has recently announced his upcoming film. Rajkumar to direct his upcoming film deer will do . shahrukh new movie name Dunkie ‘ is.