Actress Moushumi Chatterjee for her superb acting for are known. She showed what a wonderful actress she is in each of her films. He has done many great films including Manzil, Anurag, Roti Kapda Aur Makaan, Pyaasa Sawan, Ghar Ek Mandir. But few people know that in the era when the career of actresses was considered to be over after marriage or marriage was being hidden, at that time Moushumi Chatterjee made her Bollywood debut after marriage. Today Moushumi Chatterjee Of It’s 74th birthday.

no glycerin used

Seasonal Chatterjee is said to be such an amazing actress that she could easily do a crying scene without glycerin. He didn’t even need it. Talking about this, Moushumi Chatterjee said in an interview, “It is true that I do not use glycerin in crying scenes. This is a blessing from above. When I was about to shoot the crying scene, I thought, this is really happening to me and I was crying.

When son-in-law became a victim of controversy

Moushumi Chatterjee’s daughter Payal Sinha was actually suffering from diabetes and passed away in 2019. Earlier she was in a coma, but during this there was a lot of fighting between Seasonal Chatterjee and her son-in-law. Moushumi Chatterjee alleged that her son-in-law Dicky did not take care of her daughter and filed a case against her son-in-law. But his son-in-law denied the allegations.

Moushumi Chatterjee and son-in-law and daughter

son-in-law also made allegations

Moushumi Chatterjee’s son-in-law made big allegations against his mother-in-law. He said that after Payal’s death, Moushumi Chatterjee did not even visit her nor did she attend the funeral. Only Moushumi Chatterjee’s second daughter and her husband attended the funeral.