Mahinda-Rajapaksa-700x430-1Sri Lanka: President of the Sri Lankan Parliament Mahinda abhaywardene The U.S. said on Monday that they have called a meeting of leaders of all parties on Thursday to discuss key constitutional reforms. This information has been given in a media report. Sri Lanka Main opposition party of Samagi Jan Balvegaya (sjb) Has introduced a Constitutional Amendment Bill with provisions to abolish the country’s presidential system. Opposition since 1978 President’s Rule There is a demand for the restoration of constitutional democracy in the country by abolishing it. The SJB on Thursday introduced a Constitutional Amendment Bill that includes a number of provisions, including the abolition of the presidential system.

Since independence from Britain in 1948, Sri Lanka is facing an economic and energy crisis unprecedented in its history. Fuel prices are skyrocketing in the country. People in Sri Lanka are protesting the resignation of the Sri Lankan government led by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his party, Podujana (Peramuna).

India is a major partner in Sri Lanka

India has emerged as its neighbor’s biggest helper during the Sri Lankan crisis. In this time of crisis, India has provided 2.4 billion in various aids to Sri Lanka. On the other hand, Sri Lanka has sought help from China in view of the current situation. China has sent 31.31 million emergency humanitarian aid to Sri Lanka till last Friday. This is only 2% of India’s aid. Surprisingly, Sri Lanka asked China for 2.5 billion rupees in aid, but it got very little.

Will China have a chance to get out of the way?

Many in India consider it an important diplomatic occasion. Several experts have suggested to the government that China has a better chance of taking advantage of the current situation in Sri Lanka.