Tokyo has come up with a new plan after the Modi government rejected the offer of Japanese military planes to send aid to Ukrainian refugees via India. The Japanese government said on Tuesday that Japanese military aircraft will now load cargo in the United Arab Emirates instead of India. The planes will send aid to refugees in Ukraine. Not only this, Japan will now be able to send goods in May instead of the last days of April.

According to the Japanese newspaper, according to the new plan, Japan’s transport aircraft will now be supplied only to the UAE. Earlier, India had refused permission to land the plane. Japanese supplies will begin in May and run through the end of June. The plan is to send one plane per week. Japan will load blankets and other items on its C2 transport plane and then send them back to Poland and Romania.

India completely neutral in Ukraine war
Poland and Romania have the largest number of refugees. Japan says it is sending supplies as part of a humanitarian international aid program at the request of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Japan’s first plan was to load these supplies into planes in India rather than in the United Arab Emirates. According to the report, the new plan will be presented in the cabinet meeting on Friday.

Japanese government officials claim that there was a working-level agreement with India, but New Delhi abruptly rejected it. Indeed, India has friendly relations with Russia and Ukraine has been completely neutral in the war. India has refused to join the sanctions imposed on Russia by Western countries. The Indian Foreign Ministry has made it clear that India will not allow Ukraine to supply Japanese military aircraft from its territory.

Permission to use commercial aircraft: India
The Indian Foreign Ministry has said that instead of military aircraft, commercial flights can be allowed. Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said that Japan had sought permission to land military aircraft in Mumbai. Japan wanted to send humanitarian aid to Ukraine from here. “We have told Japan that commercial aircraft can be used for such supplies,” Bagchi said. According to analysts, Japan wants to send a message to Russia about Ukraine by sending aid from military planes. This was not acceptable to India because of its neutral stand on the Ukraine war.