15-51-1024x57660 days after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, US Secretary of State Anthony Blink visited the war-torn country and called on his cabinet colleague, Defense Minister Lloyd Austin, to meet with Ukraine’s President Zelensky. After the meeting, Blink claimed that Ukraine was winning the war on behalf of Russia. The visit comes at a time when Ukraine is seeking more weapons from Europe to counter Russia’s attacks. During the visit, he told Zelensky that the United States would provide more than 700 million in military aid to Ukraine and that he had approved the sale of 16,165 million in weapons. Before his meeting with Blinken, Zelensky had said that he expected guarantees of both weapons and security from the United States. We need some custom items and weapons.

Putin now only interested in grabbing maximum Ukrainian territory: report

Meanwhile, a report has revealed that Russian President Putin has lost interest in resolving the issue with Ukraine through talks and is now interested in grabbing as much Ukrainian territory as possible before the war ends. According to reports, Putin has ordered his top officials working on the battlefield to occupy as much territory of Ukraine as possible.

Ukraine blew up two Russian oil depots: Russia

Ukrainian military fired missiles at two Russian oil storage depots. A Ukrainian missile hit the Transneft Ruzba oil depot in the city of Bryansk, 70 miles from the Ukrainian border and engulfed it in flames. Another 15 minutes later, a missile struck another oil facility, Russian media reported. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s foreign ministry claimed that Russia had lost more than 21,000 troops in the 60-day war between Russia and Ukraine. Zelensky also stressed that the UN chief should visit Kyiv first.

Arrows from the corpses were found in the cities of Bucha and Irpin.

Shocking information has emerged from mass graves found after Russian forces withdrew from the Ukrainian cities of Bucha and Irpin. Metal arrows pierced the bodies of those buried in these tombs. This type of weapon was also used in the First World War. This type of arrow is fired from a tank placed in the cannon ball.

The United States will reopen its embassy in Ukraine

Blinken said in an interview with Zelensky that the United States was working to reopen its embassy in Kyiv and that a US official was named to lead it for the first time since 2019. Biden is set to announce the name of Bridget Brink, the US ambassador to Slovakia.