382116-china-coronaBeijing: The Chinese capital Beijing on Tuesday began testing most of its nearly 22 million (more than 20 million) people for Covid-19. Large-scale Kovid testing has started in Beijing’s Chaoyang district amid fears of a Shanghai-like lockdown due to the spread of the corona virus. China on Tuesday ordered a corona test of 21 million people in Beijing. An official has given this information.

He said that tests of 3.5 million people were ordered in the country on the first Monday, of which 32 were confirmed to be infected, while the other 52 died of corona in Shanghai. The number of cases of current transmission of the disease has increased to 190 since the case was reported.

Like Shanghai, the cases of infection are also increasing in the capital Beijing. On Tuesday, orders have been given for mass investigation in 11 districts of the capital and an estimated 21 lakh people will be investigated here.

A total of 35 lakh people were screened in Chaoyang district on Monday, in which 32 new cases of corona were reported. Beijing’s local authorities have ordered three tests of all people in the district. The exam will be held on Wednesday and Friday also.

According to a report released by the National Health Commission on Tuesday, there were 1908 cases of local transmission of infection in the Chinese mainland, of which 1661 cases were reported in Shanghai.