Uttar Pradesh: A case of suicide of a loving couple has come to the fore in Kanpur. The couple committed suicide by consuming poisonous medicine. The couple got married in the temple two hours before the suicide. After the suicide, the girl’s body was found and her rock was covered with vermilion. It is said that the couple was dating for the last one year. The case of suicide of a loving couple is from Narwal of Kanpur.

what was the matter…
The loving couple wanted to get married for a long time. But the family was not ready. After which both committed suicide by consuming poison. The bodies of the couple were found near Kanpur’s Sarsaul station on Sunday evening. After which the police got information about the incident. Police said that the name of the youth who committed suicide is Abhay who was 18 years old. The girl’s name is Savitri who was 20 years old. The youth is a resident of Bhadasha village there. The deceased is also a resident of Bamburiha village. Both got married on Sunday evening at a nearby temple.

What did the police say?
Police suspect that the couple committed suicide by consuming poison. The bodies of both were found near the station. When the people around saw the couple unconscious, they informed the police. After which the police took both of them to the hospital. However, the doctors present in the hospital declared both the youths dead. After the police declared him dead, the families of both of them were informed about the incident. Preliminary investigation revealed that the two were having an affair for more than a year.