Jhansi, April 26 (H.S.). The Sipri Bazar police team, which was patrolling in search of criminals to reveal the incidents of robbery and theft, encountered miscreants late in the night. The miscreants opened fire on the police team. While defending the police team also retaliated. During this, taking advantage of the darkness, a miscreant escaped with a bike.

The same, the other was caught by the police. The accused arrested during interrogation turned out to be the brother of the constable. From his possession, the police team recovered 14 thousand cash and gold and silver jewelery from his possession, revealing the incident of robbery and two chains stolen from Midway Hotel.

During a press conference in the police line on Tuesday, SP City Vivek Tripathi told that the police was patrolling the Sipri Bazar police station. Then it was reported that two vicious miscreants were going to carry out some crime on a bike. On information, Sipri Bazar police station, Messiah Ganj outpost, Gwalior Road outpost police surrounded the miscreants near the polytechnic ground after reaching the place mentioned by the informer. Seeing the police coming near them, the miscreants opened fire on the police. While defending himself, the police caught one of the miscreants by firing while the other managed to escape by taking advantage of the darkness with a bike. Police recovered 14 thousand cash from the possession of the caught miscreant, gold chain of two chain robbery case, and stolen jewelery from the wedding ceremony venue stolen from Midway Hotel.

The miscreant caught during interrogation told his name to be Rishabh Agarwal resident of Sipri Bazar Housing Development. At the same time, he told the name of his runaway partner, Sunny resident Awas Vikas. During interrogation, it was learned that the brother of the arrested miscreant Rishabh Agarwal is posted as a constable in the Uttar Pradesh Police.