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Pratapgarh, 26 April (H.S.). The three-day training program of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Pratapgarh concluded on Tuesday. The event was held at the Maurya Resort located in the heart of the city. The program was presided over by former District President Ganesh Narayan Mishra. The training class was inaugurated by Kaushalendra Patel, Chairman, Backward Classes Commission with garlanding and lighting of lamp on the pictures of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and Deendayal Upadhyay.

Speaking on the inaugural session BJP’s history and development and our idea family, Kaushalendra said that the development of Bharatiya Janata Party should be divided into three phases. First Jana Sangh, second from 1977 to 2004 as a major partner in politics, third in 2014 as a single majority government under the leadership of Narendra Bhai Modi. In view of the need of the immediate society, in various fields like women workers, students, we see the area started with political and cultural consciousness as a family of ideas.

Speaking on the ideological mainstream of today’s India, Member Women’s Commission Mrs. Suman Singh said that as an alternative to capitalism and socialism in politics, the government was formed under the leadership of Narendra Bhai Modi and Bharat Mata ki Jai Vande Mataram as an alternative. The announcement expanded.

On the Antyodai initiative in the last six years, Omprakash Tripathi, former District President said that to make a self-reliant India, our government has announced a special economic package of Rs 20 lakh crore, doubling the income of poor farmers by laying the foundation of people-centred development, Ayushman scheme for health services, The Modi government is on the way to success in bringing the ray of development from Ujjwala Yojana, Svanidhi Yojana, One Nation One Ration Card to the last person in the row.

On the behavior and use of media, media in-charge Raghavendra Nath Shukla said that in 2014 and 2019, the people of the country gave us the opportunity to serve. This has given us an opportunity to expand ourselves. It is an opportunity to present oneself on the ideological basis of cultural, nationalism, Antyodaya and Integral Human Philosophy. All this should be reflected in our media policy.

District in-charge Nagendra Raghuvanshi on understanding of social media and personality development said that working on social media is a skill and also an art. The guidelines given by the party should be followed. It is also a powerful medium to display our personality.

Describing the achievements of the central and state government after yoga and sports on the third day on Tuesday, District President Hari Om Mishra said that the BJP government of Uttar Pradesh has completed its five-year term and has come to the government for the second time. In the last term, the BJP government did work like bringing a law against love jihad, bringing an ordinance to compensate for the loss by attaching the property of those who damage public properties and confiscation of the mafia’s property. Now the government has started writing a new development story in its second term as well. The Yogi Adityanath government is making rapid strides in its second term. In this, from the infrastructure to the law and order front, the work done and the decisions taken is mentioned. A new direction is being given to the works in the health sector as well.

Regional General Secretary Sushil Tripathi said that in this global era of mistrust, India has extended a hand of friendship to the needy countries. India is expanding its foreign policy based on the principles of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Along with the production of international standard defense products and weapons, these defense corridors will lead to the development of regional industries and create new employment opportunities, as well as, industries will also be able to connect with the global supply chain for defense production. The farmers have given their land to the government to set up arms factories to protect the country, this shows their patriotism. He said that defense products will be produced in the country itself, due to which the country’s GDP will also increase.

Regional General Secretary Sushil Tripathi took the topics mentioned in the sessions held in the class to the society and for the 2024 elections by holding booth wise meetings from now on, how to solve the problem of that booth with the state and central government, how to make the people in their favor . Mainly in the class, Sadar MLA Rajendra Maurya, Municipality President Premlata Singh, Raniganj Pt President Meera Gupta, City Chairman Anil Maurya, Rakesh Singh Patti, LDB Chairman Subedar Singh Vedprakash Singh Shiv Prakash Mishra Senani, Rajesh Mishra Rajan, Rajesh Singh Ashish Srivastava, Pawan Hundreds of workers including Gautam, Satish Chaurasia, General Secretary, eight Vice-Presidents and District Ministers, Convenor of all Departments and Cells, Regional Mahila Morcha Treasurer Pratibha Singh Pramila Shukla, Yashoda, Ashutosh Singh Councilor Dinnu Singh were present.