Varanasi, April 26 (H.S.). Social organization Dakhal Sangathan launched a signature campaign on Tuesday demanding separate toilets for women and transgender citizens in the Varanasi court complex. The workers submitted a memorandum to the representative of the District Magistrate and the office bearers of the Banaras Bar for separate sitting benches, common rooms and counseling rooms for women including toilets, etc.

Vijeta, an office-bearer of the women’s organization, said that pamphlets were distributed among women lawyers, litigants in the court premises, highlighting the important points on gender issues and a signature campaign was also conducted. A memorandum was handed over to the representative officer of the DM for separate sitting bench, common room and counseling room etc. for transgender citizens and women in the campus. Another member of the organization said that it is often found in public places that there is no proper arrangement of toilets, urinals and toilet rooms etc. for women and transgender citizens. In Varanasi court too, after raising this issue many times, a pink toilet has been made to be used by paying a fee, this is completely wrong. Women litigants, women advocates and employees from far away stay here throughout the day. In such a situation, this very important facility must be free. A large number of women are present in the court premises every day. There should be a provision of free public toilets for women. Women advocates, employees or litigants often have to face uncomfortable situations in various courts, departments and advocate posts etc.