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Muzaffarnagar, 26 April (H.S.). After the appeal of the district and police administration, people of both the religions living in Shahpur area on Tuesday removed the extra loudspeakers playing loudly from the temples and mosques. During this, religious leaders and people of administration of both the religions were also present. People of all religions have followed the order of the court.

On behalf of the government, instructions were given to all the senior police officers and every police station in the district that wherever illegal loudspeakers have been installed, whether it is a temple or a mosque, they should be removed immediately. Apart from this, loudspeakers should be used at religious places only according to the prescribed standard.

In this regard, an order was also issued by Additional Chief Secretary Home Avnish Awasthi on Monday itself. In which it was said that all the police stations are directed to remove the illegal and loud loudspeakers by running a campaign and make available the action report to the government by April 30. Failure to do so will result in action being taken against the concerned station in-charge.