Children often insist on eating something delicious and special during the holidays. In such a situation, you can make bread pizza for children’s breakfast. Kids love the taste of pizza. Elders will also love this snack. Pizza comes in the form of junk food, but you can make it healthy at home. Sometimes on weekends you can feed the kids homemade pizza like this. This is a very healthy and very tasty option. Your kids will also be happy to see bread pizza in breakfast. You can also make it on a griddle or griddle without microwave and oven. Know the recipe of making bread pizza.

bread pizza ingredients

– 5 bread slices of sandwich
– butter for baking
– Pizza Sauce or Tomato Sauce
– 1 medium capsicum chopped
– 1 chopped tomato
– 1 chopped onion
– of corn
Grains – oregano
– chilli powder
– 1 to 1.25 cups grated mozzarella cheese

how to make

To make bread pizza, first apply pizza sauce or tomato ketchup on the bread.
Spread onions and other vegetables on the bread
, If you want, you can also add salt and oregano to the topping.
Put 1 tsp of olive oil on a tawa or tawa and keep it on the gas on low flame.
Now place the bread on the pan and place grated cheese on top.
Cover the pan with a lid and keep the gas on very low
You will see that the cheese has started to melt and fry the pizza till the bread is toasted.
When the cheese melts, take out the bread and put red chili powder and spices on it.
Place the pizza in a serving plate and cut it into triangles and serve.
Now the children’s favorite breakfast bread pizza is ready. You can eat it with chutney.