environment in the country people of harm Of Life is also having a serious impact. in winter pollution And the sun in summer is injurious to health. Health experts also say that diseases like asthma and cancer are increasing due to bad weather. Rising air pollution is affecting millions of people every year. Due to which people are facing serious diseases like lung infection to kidney, heart and CPOD. In such a situation, it is necessary to create awareness among the people about the protection of the environment. Because health will be good only when the environment is right.

Cancer, asthma and heart-related diseases have increased due to bad weather. As the population increases, so do the diseases. Preventable diseases caused by environmental factors kill 13 million people every year. These environmental factors include the problem of climate change, which is one of the biggest health threats worldwide. The climate crisis is also a health crisis.

We need to change our daily habits to reduce pollution and save the environment. India is already committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2070. This will be possible only when the government and the people work together. We can save our health only by saving this beautiful planet.

air pollution affects the lungs

Pollution is having a serious impact on the health of the people. At present the pollution is low. Therefore, the cases of asthma or COPD are decreasing and follow-up patients are coming, but when the pollution starts increasing in winter. Then these patients appear in greater numbers.

There have been many cases in the past where non-smokers have contracted lung infections. Every year the number of such cases is increasing. The biggest reason is our deteriorating environment, which everyone should try to save.