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Diabetics at risk of diabetic foot ulcers


of diabetes Foot ulcers is a problem that causes high blood sugar develops over a long period of time. These ulcers are usually of the foot. fingers and under the toes. In this case, the cells under the skin break down and the layers beneath it become visible. These cysts also affect your bones. If you are also diabetic and there is pain in the feet, then do not be careless. If you do not immediately consult a specialist, it can take a serious form.

causes of diabetic foot ulcer

The main cause of diabetic foot ulcers is high blood sugar levels. Sometimes small sores can occur on the feet and other parts of the body due to increased sugar levels. They can become serious if not treated on time. Sometimes surgery may be needed. In addition, a person with diabetes, as well as being overweight and deficient in vitamin D, has an increased risk of developing diabetic foot ulcers.

these are the symptoms

Symptoms may include unusual swelling of the feet, burning, redness and odor, watery feet, skin discoloration, numbness and tingling in the feet, pain when walking, sores, etc. Often there are no symptoms, only skin discoloration or pain is felt, even in such a situation you should immediately seek specialist advice.

what is the treatment

Diabetic foot ulcer specialist decides on the condition of the disease. In the early stages, it can be treated with medicines. But if the condition is severe, surgery may be needed. Controlling diabetes and protecting the wound from infection is very important to prevent the condition from getting worse.

What to do for rescue?

Take care of regular cleaning of feet.

Cut toe nails regularly.

Exercise and eat a balanced diet to control sugar.

Keep the soles of the feet dry.

Do not let the lack of vitamin D in the body. Take sunshine every morning till 9 am.


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