Healthy Fruits in Summer: Excessive sweating during the summer increases the risk of dehydration. Also, there is a possibility of getting heat stroke. people like this to keep the body hydrated For this, coconut water, buttermilk, lassi etc. are consumed. But if you want, you can include some water-rich fruits in your daily diet. by consuming them dehydration in your body Along with this, there will be a feeling of coolness in the body and stomach. It will also prevent heatstroke. Let us know about these fruits.

Mango Mango found in summer is called the king of fruits. Apart from being delicious to eat, it is also rich in nutrients, minerals and antioxidant properties. Apart from eating it by cutting it, you can also drink it by making juice, smoothie, lassi, shake etc. Apart from this, people especially like to drink raw mango leaves in summer. It provides all the essential nutrients to the body and prevents dehydration. It also reduces the risk of heat stroke.

summer healthy fruits
summer healthy fruits

watermelon People like to eat watermelon in summer. Due to the high water content in it, the problem of dehydration is avoided. Staying hydrated throughout the day keeps the stomach cool.

muskmelon Melon is also a summer fruit which people eat with great fervor. It contains all the necessary elements and water in large quantities. In such a situation, due to its consumption, there is a lack of water in the body and there is a feeling of coldness in the stomach.

Grape Grapes are rich in vitamins, fiber, iron, carbohydrates, sodium and other nutrients and minerals. Its consumption not only cools the stomach and body, but also removes the problem of dehydration. Eating grapes increases immunity rapidly and helps in staying energetic throughout the day. Grapes, its juice, custard etc. can be included in the daily diet in summer.

seasonal To avoid the risk of heat stroke, you can include seasonal in your daily diet. Due to this, dehydration is fulfilled in the body and it gives coolness. Along with this, increasing immunity will also reduce the risk of getting diseases.

potato fever Potato fever in summer is full of nutrients and antioxidant properties. Vitamin C present in it reduces the risk of heatstroke and infection. Digestive problems are overcome by eating potato bukhara rich in fiber. It boosts the immune system and makes the body feel cool.