Mumbai: Everyone wants to be fit. For this we also make various efforts. But this time burning fat is not an easy task. If you are not able to burn belly fat fast, then we are going to tell you about such exercises, with the help of which you can easily reduce belly fat.

Abdominal fat can increase due to carelessness in eating habits. To reduce belly fat, it is also necessary to do some exercise along with a balanced diet. Regular exercise burns the fat around the abdomen and helps in controlling weight.

mountain climber

Climbing is a very useful exercise to burn belly fat. By doing this the muscles of the shoulders, waist and hips are tightened. To do this exercise, first of all, sit on your knees. Place both your hands on the ground in front of you. Then straighten both the legs backwards. Bend the right leg at the knee, bringing it towards the chest. Then lower the right knee and straighten the legs. Then bend the left knee and bring it near the chest. Exhale and return to normal position. If you do this exercise daily then you can reduce your belly fat.


leg raise

To reduce fat, lie on your back on the mat. Keep both hands straight on the ground. After this, take both the legs upwards. Do this on the hip at the same time. Slowly lower the legs, then move them up. During this, do not let your feet touch the ground. You can repeat this exercise 20 times. This strengthens the muscles of the legs, abdomen and hips. It also helps in burning fat.

plunk hold

To do this exercise, first put the mat on the ground. Lie down on it on your stomach. Keep the legs straight. After this bend the elbows, keep the hands on the ground. Then with the help of hands, raise the whole body. Keep the toes close to the ground. Stay in this position for 30-45 seconds. Regular exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles and glutes. It also helps in burning belly fat easily.