New-Project-2022-04-07T232748.934Acidity: Gastric Or Peptic Ulcer: It is one of the common problems nowadays due to poor lifestyle and eating disorders of people. To deal with this, people take different types of medicines and stay away from them. Still they do not rest. Today we are going to tell about both the cause and solution of this problem.

The reason for flatulence is that
When you drink any food or water, some amount of air enters your body. When the digestive system digests the food we eat, gas is formed. This air puts pressure around your stomach, causing gas (acidity) and belching.

It is normal for a normal person to have 2 glasses of gas per day. However, if more gas starts forming in your stomach then it is a matter of concern. It can also be a symptom of colon cancer.

lukewarm water
If you have acidity problem then drinking lukewarm water or herbal tea can also get rid of this problem. Ginger and mint water can be very helpful. Fennel and apple cider vinegar are also considered useful in relieving acidity.

This is how you can get relief from acidity
To get relief from the problem of stomach gas or acidity, avoid drinking cold drinks, tea and milk products. Also, do not eat onions, potatoes, spinach or any such thing that causes more gas in the stomach. Avoid talking while eating to prevent air from entering the body. Junk food and things made with strong spices are the main cause of acidity. So avoid eating it.

a person becomes lethargic
When gas (acidity) builds up in the stomach and it is not able to come out, then pain and cramps start in the stomach. Due to this the person becomes lethargic and he is not able to remain normal. He feels bloated. So he is unable to rest and becomes restless. In such a situation, it is important to get rid of acidity as soon as possible.