The effect of turmeric is very hot.

Consuming it in excess can cause stomach irritation, bloating and cramps. Pregnant women especially should avoid excessive consumption of turmeric, otherwise the situation of miscarriage may also arise. You will be surprised to know that excessive consumption of turmeric can also cause stone problems.

Actually, the oxalate present in turmeric does not allow calcium to dissolve properly in the body. This increases the risk of kidney stones. Some people use turmeric in everything. But the curcumin present in turmeric can cause digestive problems. In such a situation, problems like vomiting and loose motion may occur.

Turmeric is considered good for the skin. It is also used in all cosmetics. But consuming too much of it can also cause skin allergies. Also, shortness of breath can also bother. Therefore, if you want to take turmeric in the form of medicine in large quantity in any problem, then you must consult an Ayurveda specialist once.