483803-eggs-12Mumbai: To stay healthy, it is very important to pay attention to the diet and routine. According to experts, exercise, exercise and exercise can help prevent disease. Many of us include eggs in our diet for fitness. Eggs contain protein which is good for the body. But do you know why eating more eggs can be harmful?

Excessive consumption of eggs can cause many health problems. Let us know today about the harm caused by excessive consumption of eggs.

dangerous for heart

Cholesterol present in eggs can be dangerous for the heart due to excessive consumption of eggs. The consumption of one egg reaches 180 kg of cholesterol in the body. This means that the amount of cholesterol in your body increases and the risk of heart attack increases.

blood sugar

Very few people know that blood sugar becomes uncontrolled by the consumption of eggs. Eggs are high in cholesterol and fat. According to experts, insulin in the body becomes unstable due to the consumption of fat. As a result, there is a risk of diabetes.

weight gain

The fat in eggs can cause obesity. Actually, eggs are considered a great option for weight loss. However, excessive consumption of eggs can do more harm than good.