AP-Hospital-NewThe power crisis is increasing in Andhra Pradesh. This is evident from one incident. Doctors at a government hospital in Anakapalli district of Narsipatnam, Andhra Pradesh have given birth to a woman with a mobile phone and candlelight. The incident took place on April 6 at NTR Government Hospital, where there was a power outage for nearly eight hours.

A video of one such hospital has also surfaced. In which a woman is sitting in the dark with her child in her lap. Along with this, the patient and the family of the patient are seen in the dark in the hospital. Along with this, the outbreak of mosquitoes in the hospital is also being told more. Due to lack of electricity in the hospital, it was very hot and people had to take air with the help of paper, handkerchief etc. and mosquitoes had to be driven away.

Despite being such a big hospital, there is no electricity backup facility. Here the generator also does not work, it is like a gas chamber, there is no open air and there are a lot of mosquitoes. A relative of a patient has given such a reaction to the media. Patients who came for checkup also had to go back due to no electricity for about eight to ten hours.

Meanwhile, Visakhapatnam District Coordinator, Hospital Services, Ramesh Kishore said that the authorities had probed the specific incident related to the hospital in Narsipatnam. The hospital was working on a diesel inverter generator for a few hours. However, after a long hiatus, it was discontinued and diesel was not available. So there was no electricity for some time. But even in such a situation, the doctors were able to complete the delivery as they had no other option. On the second day (April 7) of the incident, technicians from Visakhapatnam visited and repaired the generator. I have also advised them to provide emergency electricity.”