New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday accused BSP chief Mayawati of not driving a truck with the oldest party and paving the way for BJP’s victory in Uttar Pradesh. Rahul was speaking at the launch of the book “The Dalit Truth” edited by party functionary K Raju at Jawahar Bhawan.

The former Congress chief said that he had suggested the BSP supremo to contest the recent assembly elections in alliance with the Congress and become the CM again. The former Congress president said that till the common people do not come forward to fight against the control of institutions, those in power will continue to do so.

“We messaged Mayawati. We said let’s form an alliance, contest elections and become the chief minister again but he refused to discuss the issue. Mayawati ji said that I will not fight for that voice and gave way to BJP. Why… because of CBI, ED and Pegasus,” said Rahul. Noting that Mayawati’s mentor and BSP founder Kanshi Ram “had given his sweat and blood to empower Dalits in UP, which caused a loss to the Congress,” Rahul lamented that Mayawati refused to even discuss the issue. done.

Rahul Gandhi alleged that the BJP/RSS were obstructing the implementation of the Constitution by controlling institutions like CBI and ED, thereby harming the poor. “The Constitution has no meaning without the Constitution. The Constitution is implemented through those institutions which are in the hands of the RSS today,” said Rahul.

“This is not a new attack. The attack on the Constitution started from the day Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated. He further said that though Dr BR Ambedkar had drafted the Constitution, “the political system today was being controlled by the media, some wealthy corporates, Pegasus Software and the establishment through agencies like CBI and ED.”

“The poor get hurt the most when the Constitution is blocked. Dalits, tribals, minorities, unemployed and small farmers are also suffering.” Calling people to fight, the Wayanad Lok Sabha MP said the path shown by Mahatma Gandhi was difficult but “we have to follow that path”.

Congress is raising the issue of CBI and ED raids on properties of opposition leaders and saying that such acts are like political witch-hunt. Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi said, “Today, CBI, ED raids on opposition have not become news as such attacks have become commonplace.”

Notably, Congress ally Shiv Sena, NCP in Maharashtra and TMC in West Bengal have been targets of central probe agencies. NCP chief Pawar recently complained to PM Modi about the recent attachment of the property of Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut’s wife by the ED, calling it unjust.

Earlier in his speech, Rahul said that he was already concerned about the practice of untouchability before joining active politics and trying to understand its reasons. Recalling his earlier visits to the Dalits who were victims of violence in Una, he said that the community has been facing injustice for a long time and his interactions with them have been eye-opening.

“The country taunted me and I used to wonder why this is happening. Then I got the answer. The country was teaching me…to learn and understand…the country has given me so much love…it is a debt to me…how will I repay it…I am trying to understand my country,” said Rahul.

“But I have no hatred for the killers of my father (former prime minister late Rajiv Gandhi),” he said.