Ahmedabad: With the hike in the prices of petrol and diesel as well as CNG in Gujarat, rickshaw pullers are now in trouble, with the minimum fare of Rs 30 and the walking fare at Rs 15 being attractive. In such a situation, now it will be expensive for people to travel in rickshaw. Auto rickshaw welfare officials and rickshaw pullers said the increase in CNG prices has further worsened the condition of rickshaw pullers.

Rickshaw drivers will again strike due to increase in CNG price. There will be a symbolic strike one day on April 18. One day symbolic strike to demand reduction in CNG prices and subsidy. An estimated 2 lakh rickshaw pullers will join the strike. Rickshaw drivers have already gone on strike. The current price of CNG is Rs 81.59.

He has appealed to increase the minimum fare to Rs 20 and running fare to Rs 18. Earlier, the CM, PM had written a letter to the state president CR Patil. At present, the rickshaw pullers themselves are demanding Rs 50 fare from the customers. The gas tank used to be filled for Rs 500 but now the tank gets filled for Rs 500. falling down Budget has also been affected.

Rickshaw drivers are demanding subsidy, reduction in tax on gas or inclusion of fuel in GST. Consumers also hesitate to sit in a rickshaw after hearing the fare of Rs 50. There is no business without adequate rent. At present the minimum fare fixed by the government is Rs 18 and the walking fare is Rs.


The price of CNG on 11-10-21 was Rs 41.5. On 19-12-21 the price of CNG was Rs. In six months, the price of CMG rose by Rs 20 to Rs 31.5. On 1-4-9 the price was Rs. Two days ago, the price of CNG has increased by more than Rs 5 and now it has reached Rs 71.5.