Ahmedabad: The XE variant of the coronavirus, a more contagious but not more severe than the Omicron variety, has been detected in Gujarat, The Hindu quoted a high-ranking official as saying. “Samples from Gujarat have been sent to NCDC, but what we see fits the definition of XE more than Mumbai,” said the person on condition of anonymity. According to reports, a case of XM variant has also come to the fore in the state.


Earlier this week, Mumbai Municipal Corporation officials reported a case of the Xe variant from a sample isolated in February, but the Indian Sarskov 2 Genome Consortium (INSACOG), a network of laboratories that tracks sequences, And the officials of the Union Health Ministry are not there yet. Confirm whether it is an exe version or not.

What is Omicron XE Variant?

  1. The new strain was first detected in the UK on 19 January 2022, and more than 600 cases have been reported and confirmed since then.
  2. According to a report in Express.co.uk, the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a warning against a new mutant ‘XE’ variant of Omicron, which may be more transmissible than any strain of COVID-19 previously seen. Is.
  3. This new variant is a recombinant strain, meaning it is a mutant hybrid of the previous two versions of the Omicron variant, ba.1 and ba.2, which has spread worldwide when it first became a type of concern. It was gone, it said.

How dangerous is the XE variant?

  1. According to the WHO, BA.2, a subvariant of the Omicron strain, is the most dominant strain of the virus, accounting for 86 percent of all sequenced cases.
  2. According to preliminary studies, the XE variant has a 9.8 percent growth rate compared to the BA.2, also known as the stealth variant due to its ability to evade detection.
  3. A BMC official said the XE variant appears to be 10 per cent more transmissible than Omicron’s BA.2 sub-variant. Until now, BA.2 was considered the most contagious of all the COVID-19 types.