There is a shortage of officers in the army since 2014. Many issues have been revealed in the investigation of the reasons for this. An investigation by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has revealed that medical examination is proving to be a major hurdle after clearing the written examination for selection in the army.

The CAG report tabled in Parliament stated that 63 per cent of the candidates who were earlier disqualified in the Special Medical Board were declared fit after appearing in the Appeal Board or the Review Medical Board later. The report said that such a large number of candidates appearing to be medically fit was a clear indication that something was wrong with the special medical board.

Defects found in the candidates include excessive sweating, flat feet i.e. no space between the soles of the feet, knee to neck bump, digital tremor i.e. trembling of fingers, abnormal heartbeat, abnormal ECG, arm straightening, On the outside of the elbow, etc. , are involved.

CAG Recommendation: Blame from Government: Defense Ministry says that medical opinion may differ on all these shortcomings. It happens that the ineligible candidate seems to agree with the opinion of the other board but the CAG does not consider this answer satisfactory and recommends the government to rectify the shortcoming.