benefits-of-tulsiTulsi plant is considered very sacred in Hinduism. Worship of Lord Vishnu is incomplete without Tulsi leaves. It is believed that Lakshmi resides in Tulsi. It is also believed that offering water to Tulsi daily and lighting a lamp under it in the morning and evening brings happiness in life. Apart from this, dried basil leaves are also very important. Let’s know the miraculous benefits of dried basil leaves.

  • According to religious beliefs, the dried leaves of Tulsi are also very dear to Lord Krishna. It is believed that a Tulsi leaf can be used for 15 days as an offering to Lord Krishna.
  • Dried leaves of Tulsi can be thrown into the water while bathing the child form of Lord Krishna. Alternatively, you can add dried basil leaves to your bath water. It is believed that it removes negative energy from the body.
It is believed that dried basil leaves are kept in a red cloth and kept at the place of the vault or money. Along with this there is also economic progress.
  • Putting dried basil leaves in the Ganges water and sprinkling it in the house destroys negative energy. Also, there is an atmosphere of happiness in the house.