Ruchi-Soya1Baba Ramdev’s company interest soy Completely debt free. The company on Friday said it has repaid Rs 2,925 crore of debt and is now completely debt free. Patanjali Ayurved Managing Director Balkrishna tweeted that Ruchi Soya Deva has been released. In this tweet, Balakrishna said that we have repaid the loan of Rs 2,925 crore ahead of time. recently Ruchi Soya FPO Came . The FPO was of Rs 4,300 crore. The company has used a part of this capital to pay off debt. A spokesperson of the company said that as per the documents submitted to the FPO Ruchi Soya The cost was only one crore rupees. 1950 crore loan was to be repaid. However, the company’s management later decided to pay the total debt of Rs 2,925 crore. This has made the company completely debt free.

Ruchi Soya was listed on the stock exchange on Friday. The stock closed with a gain of 13 per cent on the first day after listing. The issue price of this FPO is Rs. was 650. In such a situation, investors who bought shares in this FPO got a return of more than 36 percent on the first day. The big question here is what investors should do now. Market experts say that if an investor has a short-term outlook, then he should book profits. Long-term investors will also benefit.

700. strong support on

In a report published in The Economic Times, Santosh Meena, Head of Research, Swastik Investments, said that the stock could see a sell-off in the near term. Even when selling started, it is holding strong support at Rs 700 level. The company is expected to perform well in the medium and long term.

This stock will cross 1000 level

Ravi Singhal of GCL Securities says that if an investor has invested in this FPO only for immediate earnings, then he should opt out. If the outlook is also investment, then profit can be booked on 50% holding. The stock is expected to cross 1000 in the next three months. 740 is seen as strong support.

The company will benefit from the boom in commodities

“Commodity prices are skyrocketing across the world,” Singh said. Ruchi Soyno has a large stock in Buffer, which the company will sell with a huge profit. Therefore, the performance of the next quarter is expected to be excellent.