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norE Delhi: Petrol and diesel prices remained stable for three consecutive days and there was no change in rates on Saturday. Rates of both petrol and diesel were hiked by 80 paise a liter, taking the total increase in rates in the last two weeks to Rs 10 a liter on Wednesday. However, as per the price notification by the state-owned oil marketing companies, the price of petrol in Mumbai remained at a record high of Rs 120.51.

According to the price notification of state fuel retailers, the price of petrol in Delhi is now Rs 105.41 per liter, while the rate of diesel is Rs 96.67 from Rs 95.87 per litre. The price of petrol and diesel in Mumbai is Rs 120.51 and Rs 104.77 per liter respectively. Petrol price in Kolkata was Rs 115.08 per liter today, and diesel prices are retailing at Rs 99.82 per liter in the capital of West Bengal. In Chennai, a liter of petrol costs Rs 110.89, and diesel is retailing at Rs 100.98 for a litre.

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  • Petrol – Rs 105.41 per liter
  • Diesel – Rs 96.67 per liter


  • Petrol – Rs 120.51 per liter
  • Diesel – Rs 104.77 per liter


  • Petrol – Rs 115.08 per liter
  • Diesel – Rs 99.82 per liter


  • Petrol – Rs 110.89 per liter
  • Diesel – Rs 100.98 per liter


  • Petrol – Rs 109.78 per liter
  • Diesel – Rs 93.32 per liter


  • Petrol – Rs 118.07 per liter
  • Diesel – Rs 101.14 per liter


  • Petrol – Rs 111.25 per liter
  • Diesel – Rs 94.81 per liter


  • Petrol – Rs 105.57 per liter
  • Diesel – Rs 91.36 per liter


  • Petrol – Rs 105.25 per liter
  • Diesel – Rs 96.83 per liter


  • Petrol – Rs 105.29 per liter
  • Diesel – Rs 99.61 per liter


  • Petrol: Rs 117.52
  • Diesel – Rs 103.91 per

Rates vary from country to country and state to state, depending on local taxation events.

The price of petrol and diesel were kept on freeze from November 4 to March 22 last year, after which it was raised 14 times in 17 days. This comes amid a major increase in global crude oil prices driven by the Russo-Ukraine war. India imports 85 percent of its crude oil from other countries.