Aishwarya Rai Bachchan started her acting career in 1997 with Mani Ratnam’s ‘Iruvar’. Although she is not very active in cinema even after marriage, but Aishwarya is still a popular actress in the mind of her fans.

According to the reports, the estimated net worth of the star is Rs 31 million or Rs 227 crore. Most of Aishwarya’s savings come from her brand endorsements and her personal investments. Earlier, there were rumors of Aishwarya being deposited in a Swiss bank.

Meanwhile, Aishwarya’s husband Abhishek Bachchan has assets worth around Rs 203 crore. He is one of the largest taxpayers in the country. According to reports, Aishwarya’s average monthly income is around Rs 1 crore.


Aishwarya lives in a luxury bungalow in Mumbai with her husband Abhishek Bachchan. Apart from this, he has two houses, one in Mumbai and the other in Dubai’s Jumeirah Golf Estate. It is one of the most luxurious houses in the world, which is often in the headlines. Aishwarya Rai has a collection of luxury vehicles along with homes.

Aishwarya’s favorite car is Bentley CGT. It is one of the most expensive luxury cars in the world. Its price is around Rs 3.65 crore. Apart from this, Aishwarya Rai also has a Mercedes Benz S500 which costs around Rs 2.35 crore.


According to the latest figures, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s film has earned around Rs 5-6 crore. Aishwarya’s record awards for several commercials were discussed earlier as well. However, Aishwarya’s financial details are yet to be clarified.