Sonam Kapoor : bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor’s The house was broken into and the thieves stole jewelery and cash worth Rs 1.41 crore from the house. Sonam Kapoor’s mother-in-law has lodged a complaint at Tughlaq Road police station. A case has been registered at Tughlaq Road police station. Since the matter is very high profile, senior officials of New Delhi district have taken it seriously and have formed several squads.

Apart from 25 employees in Sonam Kapoor’s house, there are 9 care takers, drivers and gardeners and other employees. The Police is investigating. Apart from the crime team, the FSL team is engaged in gathering evidence. The accused have not been identified yet. Due to the high profile, the police kept the matter a secret. However, this matter has come to the fore recently.

Police started investigation

According to a senior official in New Delhi, Sonam Kapoor’s father-in-law lives at 22 Amrita Shergill Marg. He lives here with his grandmother Sarla Ahuja (86), son Harish Ahuja and daughter-in-law Priya Ahuja. Sarla Ahuja reached Tughlaq Road police station along with manager Ritesh Gaura on 23 February and informed about the theft of jewelery and cash from the cupboard of her room. When the almirah was checked on February 11, the jewelery and cash were missing. Sarla Ahuja has said in her complaint that she had examined the jewelery two years ago and kept it in a cupboard.


The police is now checking the CCTV footage of last year. Several policemen of Tughlaq Road police station are investigating the matter. Sonam Kapoor’s husband Anand Ahuja lives in California with his uncle Sunil. He comes here often. Sai Exports is the clothing company of the Ahuja family.

The company started with sewing machine

Police officials said that Sarla Ahuja used to sew women’s clothes with a sewing machine in 1961. He once sewed women’s clothes. A customer liked these clothes very much. This customer sewed a few more women’s clothes. After this Sarla Ahuja’s clothing business started. Today he has a clothing business around the world.