A no-confidence motion against Imran Khan was moved in the House today after the Supreme Court of Pakistan reinstated the National Assembly. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi sided with the Imran Khan government and accused the opposition of conspiring with foreign powers.

PPP President Bilawal Bhutto said that we have to unite Pakistan and there is no way for Imran Khan to run away from voting. “Chairman, if you don’t vote on the no-confidence motion, it will be an insult to the court,” Bhutto said. Bhucho said that Imran Khan has divided Pakistan into two parts and now that there is no majority, the captain is running away from the pitch with wickets.


Bhutto alleged that Imran Khan was conspiring to cling to the seat of power and wanted to make the speaker a scapegoat. He said that this fight is not just to make Shahbaz the Prime Minister. He said that Imran Khan wants to destroy democracy. He asked the speaker to protect himself and the dignity of the National Assembly.


Bilawal Bhutto told the assembly that Imran Khan was afraid of free and fair elections. He alleged that Imran Khan is conspiring to stop voting. He said that Imran’s chair is about to go, he can never become Shaheed Bhutto.