indian-student-death-canadaIndian student: An Indian student has been shot dead in Toronto, Canada. According to the information received, the deceased student (Indian Student Dead in Canada) Sahibabad, Ghaziabad , hails from Uttar Pradesh. The family is shocked by the death of the son. student name karthik Vasudev Is . Toronto to read that, Canada Went . Along with studies, Karthik was working part time in a restaurant there. Following the incident, the family contacted the Canadian Embassy.

Karthik had gone to Canada in January to study. The family of student Karthik Vasudev said that he came out of a Canadian metro station around 5 pm when someone opened fire on him. The family suspects that he was shot because of the robbery. He got a call from Toronto Police saying that Karthik is no more in the world. At present, he has no further information. According to reports, Karthik’s father and other relatives have demanded that the student’s body be brought to the Indian Embassy.

Vasudev is the sweetest child in his family

According to reports, Karthik was the eldest of two brothers. At the same time, Karthik’s father works in Gurugram and lives in Sahibabad, Ghaziabad. The family is shocked by the news of son’s death. After the news from abroad, the atmosphere in the surrounding area has also turned sour. Karthik was very smart in teaching from an early age. The family is reaching Vasudev’s house and consoling the family. According to the information received, Vasudev was very smart in reading and writing since childhood. Vasudev was the dearest child in his family.

The people around him also loved him and the news of his death after being shot in Canada made everyone cry while reminiscing about his old stories. Last March, five Indian students were killed in a road accident in Ontario, Canada.