There is no end to the corona infection at the moment. Along with the new version of Corona, Corona has wreaked havoc in those small countries of the world. Those who were less affected in the first 3 waves. These include countries like South Korea, Vietnam, Japan.

If we look at the number of new infected, 11 to 14 lakh patients are being seen daily in the world. So 3 to 4 thousand patients are dying. The situation in South Korea is the worst. For the last 4 days, more than 2 lakh cases are being reported here every day. Germany is second, France third and Italy fourth.

In Germany, about two million people are getting infected every day. In France 1.50 to 1.70 lakh people are infected, in Italy 60 to 80 thousand people are infected every day. Australia has the fifth highest number of corona cases per day. 50 to 70 thousand cases are being found here daily.

The World Health Organization said about the new corona variant XE that the first case of the XE variant was seen in the UK on 19 January. This new strain is 10 times more contagious than BA.2. This type is also seen in France, Denmark and Belgium.

Corona has so far infected 49.66 million people worldwide. Out of these, 61.95 lakh people have died. 43.23 crore people have been cured. 5.81 crore people are still infected.