Today the political future of the Imran government of Pakistan has to be decided. A day earlier, Imran was seen on TV. There was a conspiracy against him. Out of respect for the country. So to help India. He said, ‘Look at India, no one dares to suppress it.’

Pak PM Imran Khan Said India cannot be dictated by any superpower

Imran Khan gave a message on behalf of Pakistan before the vote on the no-confidence motion in Parliament. It said that the country’s MPs are being sold. Foreign countries want to overthrow the country. While praising India, he said that no superpower has the power to say yes to India. He said that India is a country with great honour. I am not against India. I have a huge fan following in India. The ideology of the RSS and what they did in Kashmir did not improve our relations.


Let us tell you that PM Imran’s government is in danger and he has blamed the American conspiracy behind toppling his government. He claimed that foreign forces were trying to overthrow his government. He also accused the opposition of colluding with him to get out of legal matters.


Addressing the nation, he slammed the opposition and said that politicians are being bought and sold like sheep. “People should come out on the streets and peacefully protest against the ‘imported government’,” he said.