Bogotá : Colombian President Ivan Duque has signed the extradition papers of Derro Antonio Usuga, the head of the Clan del Golfo (Gulf Klan), also known as “Otonial”, the country’s most wanted drug lord.

“I just signed the extradition of ‘Otoniel’, Colombia’s worst drug trafficker and criminal,” Duke said on Twitter on Friday.

“The institutions of the country are showing their strength and perseverance.”

The country’s Supreme Court this week approved his extradition on drug trafficking charges, several months after he was requested by US officials, Xinhua news agency reported.

His defense team was fighting against the extradition order.

But on March 25, Defense Minister Diego Molano said the drug lord’s case was not accepted by the Colombian Special Jurisdiction of the Peace, rejecting his lawyers’ argument that his client should be prosecuted by a tribunal instead of extradition. should go.

In October 2021, authorities captured “Otonial” in a wilderness area in Urba, a region in the northwestern Colombian department of Antioquia.