New Delhi US President Joe Biden believes that partnership with India is one of the most important ties in the world, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Saturday. Addressing a press briefing, Jen Psaki said that Biden


The White House said Biden expects to continue to advance the administration’s work with the India-US two-plus-two ministerial in New Delhi next week in Washington.


“President Biden believes that our partnership with India is one of our most important relationships in the world. He hopes that this dialogue will continue to advance our work with India and shared goals in the Indo-Pacific region.


White House on India-Russia oil deal

The White House said on Friday that Indian American Dalip Singh, the lead architect of the Biden administration for Russian sanctions, had not issued any warnings to India on oil imports from Russia during his recent visit to New Delhi and had a constructive dialogue.

The White House also said that India imports more energy from the United States than Russia. “I will not show this as a warning,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters in response to a question on Singh’s recent visit to India.

Singh, the deputy national security adviser to President Joe Biden, is considered the architect of economic sanctions against Russia in the war against Ukraine.

When Duleep was in India, he warned India not to increase purchases of Russian oil. And we were wondering if maybe similar sanctions are being considered for other countries asking them to limit Russian oil purchases only to previous levels and maybe not, he was asked.

He (Singh) went and had a constructive dialogue and clarified that although it is the decision of each country including India whether they are going to import Russian oil or not, it is only 1 to 2 per cent of their imports, Saki said that their approx. 10 percent of imports come from the United States.

He said that of course, they should abide by the restrictions that are not related to that decision. But at the same time, we are here to help them diversify and move towards reducing them beyond one to two percent, Saki said in response.

During his visit to India, Dalip Singh, in an interaction with reporters, had reportedly warned India that Russia would come to the country’s defense if China violates the Line of Actual Control as the two countries are now in a no-border partnership. Huh.

“I come here in the spirit of friendship to explain the mechanism of our sanctions, the importance of joining us in expressing shared resolve and advancing shared interests. And yes, there are consequences for countries that actively attempt to circumvent or withdraw these restrictions,” Singh had said.