new Delhi: Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation on Friday, ahead of the no-confidence motion on Saturday. PM Khan once again praised India and said that no foreign country can scare the country. He insisted that he would not tolerate the establishment of a foreign government in Pakistan and would turn to the public for support if it did.

Commenting on the development, former Ambassador of India Jitendra Tripathi said, “Why was Imran Khan silent for these three and a half years? Was he not aware that his country was becoming a slave or it was becoming a ‘banana republic’? This is surprising. , Tripathi said that PM Khan is criticizing his country’s foreign policy by saying that the country has been sold to ‘foreign powers’ and has become a ‘slave’ but he has not done a single thing to improve relations with India. .

The former ambassador pointed out that Imran Khan has said on several occasions that there are more than 2500 terrorists and Pakistan needs to get rid of them but he failed to do so. Tripathi said that at that time there was no opposition which was stopping PM Khan from doing so. Tripathi said that whatever he is saying is just a political gimmick, political turmoil in Pakistan will not affect India as long as leaders come and go peacefully, but if they are captured by the army. After violence happens, then surely it will affect. Otherwise, India will always welcome a stable government in the neighbourhood”, explained Amb Tripathi.

During his address to the nation on Friday, PM Khan said, “We are not a nation that can be used like tissue paper” while Pakistan does not want unilateral relations with any country. He reiterated that he would never accept an imported government. He further complained that the Supreme Court should have gone through a threatening letter before issuing its verdict.

Noting that Pakistan has become a joke and a banana republic, Khan said, “(MPs’) buying and selling is happening openly, nobody is serious. Never seen horse-trading in a western democracy. Praising India, Khan said. That India has an independent foreign policy and no foreign country can question India or dare to conspire against India. “India is a sovereign country, we became independent together”, PM Khan said.

Khan will face a no-confidence vote today (April 9) and if he loses, he will be the first PM to be removed through a no-confidence vote. Meanwhile, India’s foreign ministry declined to comment on the political crisis in Pakistan, saying India does not comment on internal matters.

Addressing the weekly media briefing here, Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said, “It is their internal matter, I have no comment yet. We are watching developments but we do not comment on internal matters.” Asked about Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s remarks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bagchi refrained from commenting, saying the remarks were made in the context of “domestic political” developments and that it had nothing to do with foreign policy. Has nothing to do with.