Lucknow: A man killed his brother-in-law for an illicit relationship in the Baberu police station area of ​​Banda, Uttar Pradesh. The deceased actually had illicit relations with the wife of the accused. The wife of the accused is the daughter of the uncle of the deceased. That is, the wife of the deceased and the accused were brothers and sisters. The deceased also made an obscene video with the sister. While the brother-in-law was blackmailing her in exchange for the video, the brother-in-law, along with a friend, killed the brother-in-law.

Police said that the matter is of illicit relationship. The deceased was the son of the accused’s wife Fino. He also made some porn videos with his sister. Through which he blackmailed his sister and continued to have a relationship even after marriage.

When the accused brother-in-law came to know about this, he persuaded his brother-in-law not to do so, but the deceased started blackmailing his brother-in-law by showing the video. The deceased demanded money from his brother-in-law and threatened to make the video viral if the money was not paid. The brother-in-law got angry and told this to his friend. After this, both together strangled the brother-in-law to death. Later the body was dumped.

Murder revealed in postmortem report


The murder came to light when the police conducted a post-mortem of the body. After investigation, the police arrested both the killers. SP Abhinand told that the matter is of Bhadehadu village. The police had received information that on March 25, an accident took place near the village and the body had fallen under the bridge. Seeing the dead body, the police feared murder and sent the body for post-mortem. When the report came, everything was clear.

Later the police formed a team for investigation. With the help of mobile surveillance, both the accused were arrested. During interrogation, both confessed their crime.