Firozabad, 09 April (H.S.). Under the aegis of Lok Nagrik Kalyan Samiti, Nallah Dhako awareness campaign was conducted in various areas on Saturday. The officers of the committee have demanded to cover the dirty open drains and drains by forming a human chain.

This campaign of the committee went on in Lalpur, Asafabad, Moti Nagar. After this a seminar was also organized at MG Degree College in the city. Social worker Satyendra Jain alias Sauli said that due to weak will power and apathetic leadership of the Municipal Corporation, work is done in a planned manner. The Municipal Corporation has connected the water of the settlements adjacent to Bamba in Bamba falling into Yamuna via Kakrau Kothi, Kotla Chungi, Sailai Lalpur, Gurudev Nagar, Moti Nagar, Khanjapur. By doing this, the Municipal Corporation has made Bamba a dirty drain. Now when the Municipal Corporation is talking about cleaning Bamba, then how can Bamba remain clean until the sewer line is connected to the drain water of the settlements adjacent to Bamba.

He said that the people of the settlements adjacent to Bamba Nallah are very much troubled and are forced to live a hellish life due to the filth, mosquitoes and foul smell of the drain. There should be a permanent solution to this by the Municipal Corporation. Apart from this, academicians Mayank Bhatnagar, US Pandey, Dr DPS Rathod, Arun Jain, Somchand Gupta, DR Verma, Rovil Jain, Mohit Shakya, Ankush Jain, Sumtes Jain, Ramesh Chand Kushwaha Advocate, Rahul Jain MR, Sunil Gupta, Rakesh Kumar Gautam expressed his views.

Senior social worker and industrialist Anil Upadhyay presided over the program, Pramod Yadav conducted the program.