Firozabad, 09 April (H.S.). A grand procession was taken out in the city on Saturday on the occasion of birth anniversary of Chakravarti Emperor Ashoka.

Inaugurating the procession, city MLA Manish Asija said that Chakravarti Emperor Ashoka has always been at the top position in the lines of all the great and powerful emperors and kings of the world. Emperor Ashoka is the most powerful and great emperor of India, that is why he is called Emperor Ashoka, Chakravarti Emperor Ashoka.

He said that Ashoka had created Akhand Bharat and considering the people as family, he did many works in the interest of the people. He sent his son and daughter abroad to spread Buddhism. He did the work of uniting India and uniting it in one thread.

On this occasion senior social worker Raju Singh Kushwaha, Santosh Kumar Kushwaha Advocate, young social worker Abhishek Kushwaha, Dharmendra Kushwaha, Navneet Kumar, Vishal Kushwaha, Anil Kumar etc. were present.