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Kanpur, 09 April (H.C.). In summer, farmers earn profit by cultivating vegetables, but many types of insects are also found in summer vegetables. If the farmer brothers manage these insects properly, then better profit can be earned. These things were shared by Dr. RK Scientist of CSA on Saturday. Pal said.

According to the instructions of Dr. DR Singh, Vice-Chancellor of Chandrashekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology (CSA), today, Dr. RK Pal, crop protection scientist, vegetable section, Kalyanpur, has issued advisory for vegetable growing farmers. He told that in summer season, many types of insects are found in vegetables, which is absolutely necessary to be managed.

Dr. Pal told the farmers that there is a high incidence of fruit fly insect on the fruits of vegetables. Which tunnels into the soft fruits and rots the fruit from inside, causing economic loss. For its prevention, spray of insecticide named Malathion 50 EC should be done on the crop. Along with this, the red beetle insect also causes damage. Which licks the leaves, the upper surface of the fruit. For its prevention, 50 EC Malathion powder should be sprinkled.

Dr Pal while advising the vegetable growers told that white fly and juice sucking insects also damage the crops. To control them, spray 100 ml imidacloprid dissolved in 200 SL per hectare of water. So that there will be pest management and the crop will be good.