Knowledge News: Whenever we install Air Conditioning (AC) in our homes, we make sure that it is installed on the top of the wall. You will see AC everywhere in the upper part of the wall. Have you ever thought what could be the reasons behind doing this? So let us tell you why this is done.

What is the reason for installing AC on the wall

We install air conditioning in our homes for relief from the heat. While buying AC, while installing AC in the house, we keep in mind that the room is well cooled. There is a scientific reason behind installing AC in the upper part of the wall.

There is an AC above to keep the room cool. Keeping this in mind, the engineers installed AC on the wall. Cold air comes out from inside the air conditioner, which always goes down. Keeping this in mind, the air conditioner should be installed above the wall and the heater should always be kept near the ground below.

The air from the AC goes to the bottom, so that it can cool the whole room. At the same time, it cools the room quickly by drawing hot air.

This is done for a long time to cool

Air moves on the ground even by installing AC in the upper part of the wall. On the contrary we keep the room heater on the ground so that the room is heated from bottom to top.

This process of convection keeps the room cool and keeps the room cool for a long time. That is why it is said that whenever the AC is running in the room, the windows and doors should be kept closed. If the AC is turned off, the heat remains at the top. Due to which the AC is installed in the upper part.