Mumbai Through social media, you get to see or hear different things that surprise you. Now one such case has become viral on social media. Which is quite strange. The woman claimed on social media that her husband had died after living together for 10 years. Four years after her death, the widow found out that her husband was cheating on her. But then what this woman did is astonishing.

The husband of TikTok user Bridget Davis, 36, passed away in 2018. They had been married for 10 years. After the death of her husband, she contracted bipolar disorder.

When the woman came to know about her husband’s deception, she contacted her husband’s girlfriend.


Information shared by followers

Sad Bridget told her followers on social media how her husband cheated on her. After this, no one will believe what he told his followers. But this woman shared her chats with her and her husband’s girlfriends on social media, which will make you believe that this woman has really done this.

Actually, after the death of her husband, she came to know the truth about her husband and he was cheating on her. This woman was expected to be offended. Instead she reported the matter to her husband’s girlfriend.


Bridget shared a video on social media in which she showed everyone the chat between the two.

In this chat, the girlfriend of this woman’s late husband learns that, when her boyfriend died, she did not trust him. “I can’t believe I lost him, he promised to be with me,” she wrote. She then asks Bridget if she can go to the place where her boyfriend was buried. Without thinking, Bridget told him the place.