A horrific plane crash occurred on Thursday in the Central American country of Costa Rica. During the emergency landing, the plane broke in the middle, causing it to split in two. Some pictures of the plane crash have also surfaced.

According to reports, the accident happened on Thursday at the Juan Santa Maria International Airport in Costa Rica. In fact, DHL’s cargo plane had a mechanical failure, after which it made an emergency landing at Juan Santa Maria Airport, during which it broke into two pieces.

two pieces of cargo plane

The good news was that it was a cargo plane, not a passenger plane. Passengers do not travel in cargo aircraft. Rather it moves the goods from here to there. The cargo plane had only two crew members, who are said to be in good condition. The pilot was not seriously injured.


Smoke came out of the yellow plane of the German company DHL as soon as it landed. That being said, it slid off the runway and then split in two near the rear wheel of the plane.

The accident happened at 10.30 am on Thursday. Boeing-757 aircraft took off from Santa Maria Airport. But then he returned 25 minutes later with a malfunction, which forced him to make an emergency landing. The airport was closed till 6 pm after the accident.