eggsHealthy It is considered good to take care of food and routine to live. according to experts Exercise By exercising and exercising, we remain active and diseases stay away from us. , However, people who work out follow such a diet to stay fit, which also includes the consumption of eggs. Eggs are rich in protein and many nutrients. It works from heart to eyes and for this reason people like to eat non-veg. They are advised to consume it regularly. However, some people start eating more eggs than they need to stay healthy. If seen, excessive consumption of anything can be harmful.

Eating more eggs can cause many health problems. In this article, we are going to tell you about the health benefits of eggs.

damages the heart

Cholesterol can be dangerous for the heart by eating more eggs. It is said that by eating one egg, 180 kg cholesterol reaches the body. And for this reason it is advisable to eat one or two eggs. Eating more eggs can increase the amount of cholesterol in the body and you can also have a heart attack. Those who like to eat eggs should not eat the yolk. Use egg whites instead, but eat them in limited quantities.

blood sugar level

Very few people know that eggs can control blood sugar level. Eggs contain cholesterol, so they are also high in fat. Experts say that eating too much fat can cause insulin in the body and can lead to serious diseases like diabetes. It is said that everyone should consume two eggs daily.


The fat present in eggs can also make you fat. Although it is considered a good source of weight loss, overeating can do more harm than good. Actually, by eating more eggs, the amount of calories in the body increases as well as weight increases. A person should consume about 2000 to 2400 calories a day, but eating more eggs can increase this level.