Mumbai: Due to obesity, women have to face many problems. Women often experience irregular periods due to belly fat. Changes in hormones are often thought to be the cause of premature periods. However, in some cases inflammation of the uterus can also cause irregular periods.

Inflammation of the uterus increases the size of this organ. Due to which there is a feeling of heaviness in the lower part of the stomach. Many women ignore this problem. But it is not right to do so. So let’s know today about the causes and treatment of inflammation in the uterus.

due to inflammation of the uterus

  • wear tight clothes
  • extreme hunger
  • gas problem
  • Constipation
  • fibroids
  • ovarian cyst
  • body not moving

What are the symptoms?

Inflammation of the uterus causes women to experience irregular periods, pain, chills, frequent urination, back pain, fatigue, irritability and vaginal swelling.


how to treat it

If you experience any of the above symptoms, consult a doctor immediately. An examination by a doctor will help in understanding the exact problem. If the problem is caused by fibroids, it is treated with laparoscopic surgery.