Water is the basis of our life. Human life cannot be imagined without water. Do you know that water is also of two types? First soft water and second hard water. There is a big difference between these two glasses of water. What kind of water you are drinking and washing your hair with any water also matters a lot, because hard water is always harmful for us.

That’s why hard water does damage

Explain that elements like calcium and magnesium are more in hard water, due to which the coldness of this water ends. Apart from this, it also contains sodium. This is the main reason that hard water harms us in many ways. However, calcium and magnesium are removed through the water softener system.

hair fall due to hard water

You must have seen many times that the amount of chlorine in water is high. Hard water and chlorine are among the major causes of hair fall, dry skin and other dermatological issues. In such a situation, you have to pay attention to what water is used in your house.