Most people wake up hungry in the morning or have a desire to drink tea. Some people eat something light as soon as they wake up in the morning. Some people suffer from acidity, stomach ache, vomiting, low blood sugar due to being hungry for a long time, so they eat anything in the morning and their appetite ends.

But later you have to face many problems. Things should be eaten very carefully in the morning on an empty stomach. There are many people who wake up in the morning and have to face many diseases due to some habits. So let us tell you which are the habits that you have to give up. What are some things you can’t do in the morning?

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Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach – Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach can be a health hazard. It can harm your stomach. Once alcohol reaches the bloodstream, it spreads very rapidly throughout the body, causing blood vessels to dilate. According to some health experts, 20 percent of the alcohol consumed by a person reaches the brain within 1 minute, if the stomach is full, it prevents the alcohol from reaching the bloodstream so quickly and causes damage, Hence the risk is less in it.

Do not go shopping empty stomach- Shopping empty stomach is also not considered right. According to media reports, we not only buy more items than we need by shopping empty stomach, but during this time high calorie food is also taken, so shopping on an empty stomach can be harmful.

Do not get angry on an empty stomach- Anger on an empty stomach can also cause harm because the blood sugar level decreases in hunger. In such a situation, if you have breakfast, then anger can be reduced. An empty stomach promotes anger, so try to always keep some light snacks in the bag.

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Do not drink coffee on an empty stomach- Some people drink coffee on an empty stomach as soon as they wake up in the morning, then acidity will form in your stomach, the reason for this is the compound present in coffee which increases hydrochloric acid in the body. Abdomen.

Do not chew chewing gum on an empty stomach- Chewing gum on an empty stomach can be difficult. Because as soon as a person starts chewing, chewing is a natural process. Digestive acid starts forming in our stomach, these digestive acids can cause many problems ranging from empty stomach acidity to ulcers. Therefore, keep in mind that do not chew Chingum on an empty stomach. If you eat Chingum after eating something, then you are not in any danger.

Do not drink tea on an empty stomach- Keep in mind that drinking tea on an empty stomach in the morning can also be harmful. The body needs to receive it in the morning. In such a situation, drinking tea on an empty stomach can cause dehydration, gas, acidity. So drink water first thing in the morning and then you can have tea.