Everything necessary to stay healthy is given in Amla. And there is no other fruit that contains as much vitamin C as amla juice. And it boosts your immunity and metabolism. And it also protects against viral and bacterial infections.

Do you know the health benefits of amla juice? Amla juice is rich in iron, vitamin B complex, carotene, phosphorus and calcium. And the minerals and vitamins present in it are not only good for the health of our body, but it also protects us from many diseases.

And the amount of chromium present inside amla also helps in diabetes. And drinking gooseberry juice in summer also gives relief to our body in summer. But it should be made in small quantities only.


Know about the health benefits of amla juice

And gooseberry should be eaten only when it is fresh as if it is kept in storage it can lead to oxidation inside. And amla juice can also help in weight loss.

And to make gooseberry juice more tasty, a little ground paper should be put inside it, adding a small spoon of honey, some pieces of ginger and a little salt in amla juice makes it even more delicious.

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